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Embedded Climates Design Group is an international, award-winning design, architecture, and urbanism practice founded by the New York-based Architect-Engineer and Urban Designer Eleni Stefania Kalapoda. After working in design, architecture, urban and regional planning practices both in Europe and the USA, Eleni Stefania Kalapoda founded Embedded Climates in 2023.
Centered on the passion for the relationship between the human experience and the design of the public realm and the built environment, Embedded Climates Design Group's work is driven by a people-first approach, tailored to the diverse social, cultural, and economic urban contexts, environmentally responsible, and flexible to adapt to long-term future growth. Embedded Climates Design Group's featured projects advocate for systems of economies and ecologies that can channel the flow of people and resources throughout our cities and buildings, sustaining a holistic and forward-looking concept of resilient urban development that is more equitable, just, livable, and built on a restorative process with the natural environment and the communities that inhabit it. 


Our Featured Projects

NEW YORK  TOWER 001_edited.jpg
Supertall Zero-Carbon Hybrid Timber Tower
with Concrete Core
Steel Diagrid &
Hybrid Timber
Floor System

Date: June 2022

Type: Professional Competition

Location: Hudson Yards, New York

Scale: 1,120,000 sq. ft.

Wetland Landmark Resort & High-Speed Railway Plan

Date: July 2023

Type: Professional Competition

Location: Quzhou, China

Scale: 11 ha

Reconciling the Typical Manhattan Grid
& the Tower in the Park typology:
New Socio-Spatial and
Programmatic Possibilities
for a Net-Positive
Mixed-Use Living Community
at NYC’s former Industrial Edge


Date: January 2020

Type: Professional Research

Location: Manhattan, New York

Scale: 11 ha



stadium a.jpg
Net Zero Multi-Purpose Stadium 
with Climate-Responsive
ETFE Skin | High-Tech &
Innovation District's

Date: October 2022

Type: Professional Competition

Location: Qin Chuang Yuan, China

Scale: 18 ha


Net-Positive Research Laboratory & University Campus Redevelopment Plan

Date: August 2023-Ongoing

Type: Professional

Location: BKK, Thailand

Scale: 135,000 sq. ft.

Office Final 002_edited.jpg


LIC Incubator:
Advanced Green Manufacturing
Tech & Living Synergies for

Vibrant, Healthy,

and Inclusive Placemaking at Long Island City’s
Post-Industrial Edge

Date: July 2020

Type: Professional Competition

Location: Long Island City, New York

Scale: 9 ha

Zero-Carbon Arts Center:
Cultural Icon & Landmark 

Date: July 2023

Type: Professional Competition

Location: Zagora, Bulgaria

Scale: 107,500 sq. ft.

Hellenic-American College Arts Building
with Climate-Responsive Closed Cavity Façade System (CCF)

Date: February 2022

Type: Professional Competition

Location: Psichiko, Greece

Scale: 50000 sq. ft.



Carbon-Neutral Municipal Hall & Campus Redevelopment Plan

Date: July 2022

Type: Professional Competition

Location: Flint, Michigan

Scale: 157000 sq. ft.

final cam 2.tif
Head Office Skyscraper:
An Indigenous Inspired Landmark

Date: June 2022

Type: Professional Competition

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Scale: 1.1 million sq. ft.

train final.jpg
Mass-Timber Transportation Center: Material Circularity for a
New Zero-Carbon
Infrastructural Hub

Date: June 2023

Type: Professional Competition

Location: Oxford, UK

Scale: 6,600 ft Long

Kingston’s Carbon-Neutral Tiny Library & Civic Center

Date: June 2023

Type: Professional Competition

Location: Kingston, New York

Scale: 24,100 sq. ft.

Bangkok’s Watershed: Flood-resilient Development
as a Catalyst
for Equitable,
Livable and
Climate Responsive
Post-industrial Regeneration

Date: June 2023

Type: Professional

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Scale: 24,100 sq. ft.


400 W 113th St, New York, NY 10025 

Omirou 34 Street, Athens, GR 10672

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